Unified Remote Full v3.21.0 – Popular and practical application “Computer control with phone” for Android,
priced at $ 3.99 and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 in the Google Market

There are various software in the field of controlling personal computers with Android smartphones, some of which we have introduced to you until today, almost all of which worked only with Wi-Fi. Today we are going to introduce a different Unified Remote Full application with which you will be able to easily control the computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in a few seconds! You can easily manage and control your favorite mouse, keyboard and applications and get things done easily. The Unified Remote Full application application,  which we have put the full and paid version for you in Usroid today, has several selected remotes, so that you can control your desired controls for the software.Choose and use different. By installing this program on your smartphone and computer, you can manage Windows media player, go to different pages with your computer browser and experience a pleasant web browsing, or view or edit other files and folders. .


Unified Remote Full


The full version of the above program has more features than the regular version, which can be used such as controlling Firefox browsers , Internet Explorer and Chrome, controlling foobar2000 or Google Music players, PowerPoint control and viewing photos via Windows Photo Viewer pointed out. The paid and full version of the program, which is priced at $ 3.99, is now available for download, which you can download for free with one click; Not to mention that this program, despite being monetary, has been well received by users around the world and has sold more than 50,000 times , and has been able to earn a low score of 4.7 out of 5.0. Join us to view images of the program environment and download it from Usroid

Note that: to use the program, in addition to installing the apk program on your phone, you must install the msi file on your computer so that you can connect and manage; Android installation file and Windows software are available for download.