Uninstaller Pro v1.6.1 – Quick and easy application removal program on Android
The purchased version is offered to you for $ 0.99

Uninstaller Pro is a small application for quick and hassle-free removal of Android applicationsPublished by the Rhythm Software team. Many Android devices that use a weak CPU always have problems in the process of uninstalling applications, which sometimes takes several minutes to remove the software on these weak devices; By installing “Anistaler Pro”, you can easily view the list of all software installed on your Android device and easily delete them. One of the best features available and included in this software, batch deletion is one of its most useful features that allows users to delete a set of programs on the memory in just a few seconds. There are several modes for categorizing programs, including size, name, installation date, and so on.

Some features and capabilities of Uninstaller Pro Android application:

  • Easy and fast removal of applications with just one touch
  • Support to delete programs in groups
  • Categorize the list of programs by name, size and installation date
  • Search for applications by their name
  • Very small program size (only 74 KB)
  • Filter system programs that the software can not delete
  • No need for additional and dangerous access that threatens privacy
  • No ads in the application environment

Uninstaller Pro application due to its high speed in removing software with its price of $ 0.99 has been assigned a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, which you can now download the latest version purchased from Usroid site .

Changes in version v1.6.1:

* Added support for Persian and Turkish languages
* Various optimizations and program troubleshooting.


Uninstaller Pro

Uninstaller Pro