Universal Copy v6.3.2 – application for copying text from other Android applications, unlocked
 version of the program

During the day, it often happens to all of us that while searching on social networks or messengers, we come across beautiful texts and copy them, but as you know, some Apps, like Instagram, have limitations and their texts cannot be easily copied, or some websites prevent any copying by disabling JavaScript. Sometimes for each program, solutions are provided by users, most of which are associated with complexity; But in this post, we want to introduce you to a comprehensive solution for all cases and meet your needs in the field of text copying. Universal Copy is a great application for copying all kinds of texts from other software installed on Android smart devices.Developed by Camel Corporation and published in the major Google Play Market. With a simple review of this application, you can easily understand that it is very easy to work with and you can select any text from any place and program and finally copy it. There are no restrictions on the use of universal copy, and everything is done in just a few simple steps by means of notifications created in the notification bar.

Some features and capabilities of Universal Copy Android application:

  • Ability to copy text from a variety of applications and social networks
  • There were no restrictions when copying texts
  • The procedure is very simple and easy to copy
  • Supports a variety of Android smart devices
  • No need for root access when using the program

Universal Copy application , due to its special ability to copy all kinds of texts, has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.3.2 by Google Play users by paying within its $ 9.99 network. Download the great Usroid site.


Universal Copy