unWorded v1.0.1 – A unique and different puzzle game of missing letters for Android + trailer
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unWorded – Missing Letters is one of the most enduring and amazing works of the French studio Playdigious in the style of puzzle and enigmatic games. The game, which was previously available for PC and Mac platforms, is now ported to Android phones and tablets and is available for $ 1 on Google Play. Usroid, as usual, has introduced and published this game for the first time in Iran . Playdigious Studio is one of the most creative game companies and is known for the interesting and unique games it produces. We have already published amazing works from this studio in Usroid. Popular and fascinating games like Mechanic Escape , White Night , Teslagrad and Cultist SimulatorThese include games. Structurally, the design of the unWorded game uses more simplicity than other games in this studio, but this simplicity never means that the game is low level. UnWorded is a informative puzzle game that is all about doing interesting puzzles and riddles with English words and letters. In fact, the main nature of this game is that you have to create a shape with the help of the letters that appear in the image at each stage and according to the brief instructions of the game. The story of the game is about a creative writer who after a serious accident, his mind is damaged and he has lost his normal performance.




In the game unWordedYou have to travel to this writer’s mind and see what is going on in his thoughts. This unique design of unWorded game has led to a unique experience for players. In the mind of this author, you have to put the marked letters together like a puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle so that a shape of a particular object is formed. By solving each puzzle, you actually remind a part of this author’s memory and you will see interesting stories from the narration of human life. From where you are in this person’s mind, you will also see his memories scattered. He will communicate with you along the way as a narrator. This game is truly an amazing work of art. The game’s creative puzzles, which ultimately lead to the formation of interesting shapes, are all in a way conveying different lessons. Each player can have a specific understanding of these puzzles and the overall story of the unWorded game. If you have a special impression of this game, you can share it with us and others in the comments section of the site. This unique game has so far won 10 awards from various prestigious festivals. unWorded has also been downloaded more than 1000 times on Google Play in just a few days and earned pointsThe score is 4.3 out of 5.0 . In the following, you can watch the trailer video introducing the game and its images, and then with one click, download the final version of the game as purchased and tested from the download section of the Usroid site,and enjoy playing this enigmatic and admirable game.

Changes in version v1.01:

* No changes for this version are mentioned in Google Play.