Urban Legend Hong Kong v1.2.2 + Mod – scary-fascinating adventure-puzzle game “Local Legend: Hong Kong” for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited jade) separately
Tested with offline performance

Urban Legend Hong Kong is a very beautiful, well-made and highly impressive adventure game with a completely scary and exciting theme and theme in the form of a free game with the ability to pay in-app payments. Which is available on Google Play to Android players around the world. Once again, we are proud to be the first Iranian website to prepare another attractive and well-made game for you dear ones. If you are interested in scary and terrifying adventure games, this time we are at your service with a different and attractive game! So be with Usroid in introducing this beautiful game. If you are familiar with horror stories, you may have seen or heard of Urban Legends. Urban Legends is actually a collection of short and long horror stories whose events are modeled on real stories. In fact, it should be said that the stories of the collection of local legends have a real basis, but the works of art that have been published in the form of this collection have been given wings by the minds of the authors. Urban Legend Hong Kong is one of those works that, like all other Urban Legends artwork, is quite scary in nature. Now a Hong Kong studio called Genuine Studio Ltd has made an interesting adaptation of the series, developed and released a mobile game, and moved on to a Hong Kong horror story from an old local legend. Urban Legend Hong Kong tells a dramatic yet terrifying story. The story is about a young man named Ronnie who is a courier. He falls in love with a customer who takes orders for him. He delivers all the orders that this girl registers to her so that he can see her more and more. After meeting his favorite girl several times, Ronnie thinks that maybe he can express his love and tell the girl how he feels.


Urban Legend Hong Kong


In Urban Legend Hong Kong, the story does not go as it should! Just when Ronnie decides to express his feelings to the girl, he realizes that she has disappeared. None of the neighbors, acquaintances or even the police know what happened to the girl, and this is certainly not a simple matter, and the situation seems to be more complicated than it seems. Ronnie decides to find his mistress. So he goes to a place where he meets the girl so that he can find clues or evidence of the girl’s disappearance. But unaware that he has entered a dangerous adventure and maybe a big trap! Can Ronnie discover the truth? Will he be able to find the girl? Or were they all sinister and mysterious plans? To discover the truth and events of Urban Legend Hong Kong, you must follow its story and carefully try to discover the hidden story of this horrible story. The style of play, like many other similar games, is followed from the first person view in various locations. The main difference between Urban Legend Hong Kong and many other games of this genre is that you can watch around 360 degrees, but you will not be able to move around freely. There are many puzzles throughout the game, and by solving each one, you will actually discover a piece of the puzzle of this mysterious story. While doing these puzzles and following this dangerous mission, always be careful around you because you are not alone and there is someone watching you that you may surely be afraid to see! Do not forget that to discover the story, you must pay close attention to the dialogues and do not neglect the small details. Urban Legend Hong Kong game with attractive design, fun and challenging gameplay, impressive story and several other great features, can be a very attractive game for fans of horror and adventure games. We recommend that you watch the mysterious and interesting video trailer of the game before downloading the game, and then download the game for free from Usroid direct links.

Note: In the jade mod version, your jade increases instead of decreasing.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.GenuineStudio.UrbanLegendHK folder to Android/obb internal storage.

– Run the game.