USB Camera Standard v2.5.0 – USB Camera Connect to Android App
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With the increase of gadgets and smart devices in the camera market, it has also improved over time, and in addition to their quality, their size has become smaller and smaller, until today, when we see the increase of USB cameras! These cameras, which are produced in different dimensions according to the needs of users, can be installed on a variety of robots, depending on their size, or they can record amazing moments. In this post, we want to surprise you as before and introduce you to a great tool in the field of USB camera management. USB Camera Standard is a very useful application for connecting USB cameras to Android smartphones.Developed by Infinitegra, Inc. and published in the Play Store. This software allows its users to connect a variety of USB cameras and webcams to the Android device and view the received images on the screen. There are several features in the list of standard USB camera features that allow you to zoom in on a point or focus to maximize quality. In a way, it can be said that all qualities are covered by USB Camera Standard and there are no restrictions on its use. It is good to know that unlike some similar programs, there is no need for root access and you can easily make the most of the available features.

Some features and capabilities of USB Camera Standard Android application:

  • No need for root access or change in Android ROM configuration
  • Supports two sizes SD (640 × 480), HD (1280 × 720)
  • Audio filtering mode by the built-in Android microphone
  • Professional camera controls such as zoom, focus, contrast adjustment and…
  • Capture professional images
  • Delayed display (maximum ten seconds)
  • Ability to connect two cameras simultaneously (display images simultaneously or switching)

USB Camera Standard application has been released by its developer at a price of $ 0.99, relying on its unique set of features in connecting USB cameras, which you can now download the latest version of it without any restrictions from Usroid site. Receive; Our version includes all the features.

Changes in version v2.5.0:

* Program fixes + various optimizations.


USB Camera Standard