V-SPEED Speed ​​Test Premium v4.0.1.0 – Powerful and advanced Android internet speed test application
, premium version with access to all features and characteristics

V-SPEED Speed ​​Test Premium Unlocked is a powerful and advanced program for testing internet speed for Android devices.Developed and published by V-SPEED.eu. This software enables users to be informed of the real speed of their internet by placing a set of Gonacon tools at the disposal of their users. One of the most important and unique features in this smart software is various servers for speed testing; So that you can test the internet speed with different servers from different parts of the world according to your needs. There are also two types of speed measurement modes that each user has the ability to select and use according to their needs. In V-Speed, everything is done in a very smart way, so that the configuration of the program is adjusted completely automatically according to the type of application connection, and the best server is selected for speed testing. Increase the test time to get more accurate and acceptable results from this unique software.

Some features and capabilities of V-SPEED Speed ​​Test Premium Android application:

  • Tools for finding WiFi and mobile signals
  • Ability to select the default server to check speed
  • Supports two download and upload speeds
  • Accurate measurement of ping and latency time
  • Two common data transfer units (kbps, Mbps)
  • Automatic selection of speed control parameters depending on the type of connection (LTE, 3G, WiFi)
  • Initial connection information (IP address, Internet service provider, SIM card operator or WiFi network name)
  • History of results with options for filtering and sorting lists according to different criteria
  • Share results on all social networks

The V-SPEED Speed ​​Test Premium app, with support for a range of features and high accuracy in measuring Internet speed, has managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 with more than 10 million active downloads , which is now the latest version. Get the published program for free from the popular Usroid site.

Changes to version v4.0.1.0:

* Fix all bugs.