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Anesthesia is a condition in which a person voluntarily and voluntarily falls into a deep sleep in which he does not feel any pain. This process reversibly weakens the central nervous system, leading to loss of sensation and response to external stimuli. In the past, this science did not exist and surgeries were performed quite consciously and with great pain. Today, however, this science is very advanced and the patient can be anesthetized deeply for any length of time. Today we are at your service with an application in the field of anesthesiology. Vargo Anesthesia Mega App as a comprehensive application for anesthesia, for the Android operating system developed by the Software Group Matt Vargo and $ 99.99 has been released on Google Play.

Vargo Anesthesia Mega App includes 17 sub-programs as follows: ‌ 

1 – Malignant hyperthermia : Completed with the latest articles from the website of the Malignant Hyperthermia Association.

2 – Calculators : Calculate items such as ABL / EBV, BMI, BSA / CI, MAP, SVR / PVR.

3 – Crisis management : Simplifies emergencies that you may encounter in the world of anesthesia. Algorithms and review notes of amniotic fluid embolism, cardiac, airway, and other emergencies.

4. Clinical Anesthesia Case Tips: Includes Anesthesia Case Tips, which was one of the best-selling anesthesia books on Amazon at the time of publication. It consists of 27 chapters with more than 500 files. A simple search engine lets you find the file you want in seconds. There is also a “Notes section” to add personal notes for each item.

5. Anesthesia Drug Box : برنامه This program contains more than 150 drugs or products that we usually or only periodically use in the field of anesthesia.

6 – How to dilute and calculate the number of drops : Information such as how to combine drugs, common compound concentrations, equations used for the number of drops of serum and pharmacological information about how drugs work.

7 – Anesthesia in adults : offers you more than 350 drugs.

8- CABG for anesthesia : ‌ Suitable for someone who has to manage heart files.

9 – Blood / Thromboelastography : Tips on blood transfusions and blood products.

10 – Tips on pediatric anesthesia : including how to manage nearly 100 surgeries from start to finish.

11. OB Regional Anesthesia : Equivalent to a 500-page book. Simple and user friendly.

12 – Maximum LA doses : داشته Quickly access the dose of local anesthetics with one click.

13. Regional Anesthesia : A reference for local anesthetics that provides information such as drug descriptions, dosage and concentration of different types of blocks, comparison tables, pharmacokinetics, chemical structures, pKa, and contraindications.

14. Anticoagulants and Neuraxial Block Table : ‌ Includes a table of 25 anticoagulants; What is the minimum time between the last dose and the start of the block? Can anticoagulants be prescribed while an epidural catheter is present? Time to restart anticoagulation after catheter removal? And other such cases

15. Assessment and interpretation of platelet function

16- Pharmacology and reverse anticoagulant methods

17. Coagulation and deficiencies

 Application Vargo Anesthesia Mega App is a very expensive program that has been offered to call your loved ones Usroid. With the satisfaction of Android users, this application has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can get the paid and purchased version of this expensive program from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v19.0 :

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


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