Vector Full The full version of the best parkour game in the style of action games from the game development studio and the well-known name NEKKI for the Android operating system, which is in the Android marketReleased for free and we provide you with the latest version of this unique game with a direct link! The first thing that surprises you about the vector is the opening video of the game; Unlike other mobile games, and just like first-tier console games, Vector begins with a beautiful and engaging opening video, where the game’s character is trapped in a large and dreaded organization that puts a headset on the ears of their countless employees. Controls! The turning point of the video and the story of the game is where the character of the game is different from other similar examples, removes the headset from his head and escapes from the collection! This is where your endless game and escape begins; Ferrari based on parkour moves! When you start the first stage of the game, the character of the game can not do many movements, and as he goes through different stages, his experience is increased and as a result, he can cross obstacles with various movements. These new moves will be notified to you before entering each stage and are only available when you complete them at the specified time!


Vector Full


Vector gameplay is simple yet attractive. The game character is automatically escaping and all you have to do is touch the screen to cross obstacles or jump. If you hit somewhere or slow down due to delay, you will be caught by an officer who is following you and you will have to start over. Another important point of the game is that if you want to start the stage all over again, you will not see any loading or pausing page and you will enter the battle immediately. This gameDesigned in a completely realistic way with unique animations and brings the ultimate excitement to your smartphone; In this game, you can run through obstacles with parkour movements as much as you can and enjoy the game! Features of this game include real gameplay, +30 challenging levels and great graphics. To view images of Vector game and download it for free from Usroid , refer to the following.

 Modifications to version v1.2.1:

* Various optimizations and game bug fixes.