VeloCity – Endless Racing v2.1 – Exciting and wonderful game Velocity Android + trailer
priced at $ 0.99 and rated 4.4 out of 5.0 – Full version of the game tested for you
with a completely offline run

VeloCity – Endless Racing is a new and extremely beautiful game with a unique design and build in the style of racing games from FutureMental Games for Android , which was released hours ago at a price of $ 0.99 in the big Google Play market (Google Play) and again as always We decided for the first time in IranIntroducing it to you, the lovers of special Android games! In this game, you take control of a hovercraft and you must prevent it from colliding with obstacles in an unlimited way! You may be wondering what a hovercraft is. To increase your general knowledge, it is better to say that a hovercraft is a type of naval vessel that rests on a cushion of air and has the ability to cross various zones on land as well as over water! The Havana control is awesome with the excellent i-Touch controller, you have to move left and right to avoid hitting the bars and objects in front with your high speed and accuracy and record the highest score for yourself! If you are a fan of games that are really worth downloading and testing, VeloCity – Endless Racing can undoubtedly fill your free time and entertain you for hours.


VeloCity - Endless Racing Games


Game VeloCity – Endless Racing is now in the Play Store has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 and a wonderful welcome users around the world faced so that all buyers buy her quite satisfied, and the two words Awesome and Amazing (meaning very exciting and Fantastic) have been used to describe the game! As you move forward, in addition to increasing the speed of the hovercraft, the obstacles increase and become so complicated that you may be confused! At the very beginning of the game, the HD quality of the game and its simple design without ads attracts everyone’s attention. If you want to experience one of the most beautiful Android racing games, we offer you the attractive and new VeloCity – Endless Racing game. Give; Try it and say whether this game is worth being in the list of Usroid special offers or not ?!

Changes in version v2.1:

* Added power-up: Bonus point
* Troubleshooting + various optimizations.