Vera Icon Pack: shapeless icon v5.4.1 – Vera’s new icon pack for Android
 The purchased version of the app costs $1.49

The user interface of the Android operating system is designed so that the user can access the programs and games they want as quickly and conveniently as possible. For this reason, we can see the icons of programs and games in different parts of the operating system, such as the home screen, the program menu, the notification panel, and other places, and we can access them very quickly and easily. Due to the large use of icons, a large part of the user interface is dedicated to displaying icons, and changing and changing icons causes extensive changes in the user interface and changes its mood in general. So if you feel that you are tired of the user interface and the current appearance of your phone and tablet and you are looking for a way to change it, changing and replacing icons is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do this. You can do it just by installing a launcher and icon pack. Launchers are programs that take control of the home screen and menu of Android programs after installation and allow the use of icon packs. Icon packs, as their name suggests, are programs that contain a large number of alternative icons for Android games and programs, which we have presented many examples of on Farserroid, today with another beautiful icon pack on We are at your service. Vera Icon Pack is a beautiful icon pack with a collection of colorful and eye-catching icons for the Android operating system, developed by Creative Studio 14 and released on Google Play at a price of $1.49. The designers of this icon pack plan to soon increase the number of icons to 3000 and cover all popular Android games and programs. Vera Icon Pack supports most Android launchers, but it cannot be installed and used on companies’ default launchers.

Some features and capabilities of Vera Icon Pack – Beta Release Android application :

  • High resolution icons
  • Use beautiful colors and gradients in icon design
  • Suitable for use with dark wallpapers
  • Support for dynamic icons for calendar
  • Vector design to achieve the highest possible quality
  • Ability to search for icons
  • Has KWGT widgets
  • Includes a collection of beautiful and harmonious wallpapers

Application Vera Icon Pack – Beta Release icon and drag new but promising career with the consent of Android users have score 4.9 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v5.4.1 changes : 

* Added 30 new icons


Vera Icon Pack