[Vibration Meter v1.4.04 [Premium – Vibration Meter Android app
version and the full premium to the value of $ 0.99 for the first time in Iran

Everything around us vibrates when we work, in many cases we may not feel these vibrations, but rest assured that vibration is present in everything. Some of these vibrations are sometimes very important to us and can even affect the outcome of our work or life! From measuring the strength of earthquakes to the vibration of large furnaces in industrial plants or even appliances such as washing machines are very important to us. Usually, special tools are used to measure the vibration of anything, which is not available in some cases, and this shortage causes delays in work. Today in this post we want to introduce you to a vibration meter for the first time in Iran. Vibration Meter PremiumTitle is an interesting application for measuring the amount of vibration of objects or even the earth during an earthquake (earthquake) or volcanic eruption for Android, which was developed by EXA Tools and published on Google Play. This software allows its users to easily measure the vibration of anything and increase the life of the device by removing it! All vibrations are measured in the three main Cartesian coordinates. Unlike some similar tools available in Android markets, the accuracy of this app is very high, which also makes it possible to measure the amount of vibration at different time intervals with exemplary accuracy. Finally, it is better to know that the measurements are on a Mercalli scale.


Vibration Meter


Vibration Meter application with a set of special features and capabilities in the field of measuring the amount of vibration of anything has been able to pay 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within the $ 0.99 network , which you can now get the latest premium version Download it for free from the popular and popular Usroid website.