Video Converter Android is the best and most powerful video file conversion application for the Android operating system , with which you will be able to easily change the format of video files on your smartphone and use other features of the application. This software scans your phone’s memory completely and displays video files for you as follows, so that you can easily convert any of them that you want to change the format.

Another interesting feature of this video converter is the ability to separate MP3 audio files from movies, which you can easily separate the music in the movies and save it. One of the features that distinguishes this program from other similar applications is its support for a wide range of video formats. Video Converter Android converts your videos with the same original quality and without any loss of quality, and finally provides you with a file with the desired format and smaller size. If you have selected different players to view different video files, we recommend this software to you, and with it you can easily convert files and watch videos with the default player of your smartphone. do.

We have provided you with the latest version of Android Video Converter, which you can download along with its codecs by reading more .


Video Converter Android - Android video converter + codecs




After installing Video Converter Android software and running it for the first time, depending on your phone model, it will provide you with the best codec that you can download, which is necessary for the software to work better. Depending on the name that is suggested to you, you can download one of the following codecs.

+ Download codec for ARMV6 VFP with a size of 4 MB

+ Download codec for ARMV7 NEON with a size of 4 MB

+ Download codec for ARMV7 VFPV3 with a size of 4 MB