[Video Player HD All Format- Media Player Video App v1.0.9 [PRO – Simple and high quality video player application for Android
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Having a quality player is one of the main needs of smart device users, because all of them play several photos, videos or audio files every day, depending on the size of the files. Using a standard player can cover hardware vulnerabilities and greatly help you run your files without any restrictions. Video Player HD All Format- Media Player Video App ProTitle is a simple and high quality video player for Android smart devices, which was developed by CV Infotech Apps and published on Google Play. By providing a minimalist environment, this software helps you to play all types of video files with the highest quality and enjoy watching them, away from any complex options. The above app has several various features, one of the best of which can be considered support for certain video formats; So that your need for peripherals is minimized and you can play your videos without any restrictions. Access to equalizer bands with the possibility of customizing them has doubled the pleasure of using this software and has made it possible for everyone to change the output sound according to their taste.

Some features and capabilities of Video Player HD All Format- Media Player Video App for Android:

  • Play all kinds of ultra high quality video files
  • Supports a variety of specific and popular video formats
  • No slowness is observed when playing video files
  • Access the equalizer bands and adjust them to suit your needs
  • Control the video being played by touch shortcuts

App Video Player HD All Format- Media Player Video App to take advantage of a variety of features and functionality are able to download thousands of points 4.2 to 5.0 and Google Play users can now receive the newest version of its professional without Get some kind of restriction from Usroid big website ; As mentioned in our version, all features are available.


Video Player HD All Format- Media Player Video App PRO