[Video Popup Player Floating v1.47 [Pro – Android floating video player app
professional version worth $ 0.99 for you dear ones

Video Popup Player Floating Pro Unlocked is a pop-up video player that has been released by AppzCloud Technologies in the Google Play Market for Android. This video file player with its innovative system gives you a new experience in playing video files and instills a sense of multi-task management to its users without any shortcomings. Easily run one or more videos floating and add other software such as Google Maps., Manage SMS management and.. Everything is in your hands so that you will be able to resize the floating screen to your liking and move it to any part of your device’s screen. The codecs included in the pop-up video player support a variety of popular video formats and completely professionally eliminate the need for any other peripherals. The above program has other features that you should read more about with Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of Android Video Popup Player Floating app:

  • Play video files as pop-up floating pages
  • Supports playback of video file layouts on separate pop-up pages simultaneously
  • Supports transmitting currents to the background just like music players
  • Access various management options such as volume control, audio playback and 2 on the floating screen
  • Unique support system for a variety of high quality video formats
  • A set of custom settings to your liking
  • The ability to change the location and size of the floating pop-up screen
  • Completely innovative and modern UI

Application Video Popup Player Floating relying on modern systems in the field of playback Vyyvyy able to pay in-network $ 0.99 Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google receives a now deceased Vanyd the newest version of its professional and Get the payment from the huge database of Usroid site without the need for any payment .

Note: To complete the program from within the program, click on PRO and then reload the program.


Video Popup Player Floating