Video Speed ​​Slow Motion & Fast Premium v1.79 – Slow motion application and video speed increase Android
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By referring to social networks and a simple search on them, it is easy to understand that part of the content consists of shared videos, each of which is about specific topics. Some of them are fun and use various effects to increase their attractiveness, among which the slow motion or fast video effects are among the most popular. Video Speed ​​Slow Motion & Fast Premium Unlocked is a fantastic application for creating slow motion videos or high speed movies for Android smart devices.Developed by AppzCloud Technologies and published in the major Google Play Market. Easily record video or select a video file from the device gallery to apply speed changes to it with just a few simple touches. One of the best and most popular features of Speed ​​Slow Motion Video is the ability to apply different modes to parts of a file so that you will be able to slow down the video for a few seconds and speed it up. If you are interested in this type of clips, then stay tuned.

Some features and capabilities of Video Speed ​​Slow Motion & Fast Premium Android app:

  • Record video or select video from gallery
  • Divide each movie into sections and apply speed changes to them individually
  • Unparalleled visual controls
  • Supports two modes of slow motion or acceleration
  • Mute video and make your own soundtrack
  • There was no loss of quality in the output file
  • Share edited videos on social networks

Application Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast Premium has to be one of the best software available in the video speed of more than 5 million downloads active account, which can now use the newest version of the Premium app for Get it for free from Usroid site, our full version with all the features.

Note: To complete the program, click on the purchase (upgrade) option from inside it.


Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast