Video to mp3 Premium v4.2 – Easy video to audio converter application for Android
Premium version worth $ 2.88 Dedicated to you dear ones

Video to mp3 Premium Unlocked is a unique program for converting all types of video files to audio files for Android.Developed and published by Keerby. This software supports a very simple system that enables users to convert their videos to both mp3 and aac formats and extract the soundtrack of their videos. In addition to the simplicity of this application; It includes smart systems, among which we can mention the extraction of audio file of only a part of video; Just select the time interval of the video you want to save the audio file only that part. After extracting the audio file with a simple touch, it turns into your mobile ringtone and you can share it with your friends in messaging apps or social networks. Select the location of the storage folder to be saved in music folders and displayed in your device player after extracting the high quality audio file.

Some features and capabilities of Android Video to mp3 Premium app:

  • Convert all types of video files to mp3
  • Extract audio files in both mp3 and aac formats
  • Convert extracted audio files to ringtones
  • Set the time range for extracting audio files
  • High quality in converting video format to audio
  • Automatically save the audio file in the selected folder
  • Display audio files in the list of players
  • The simplest system available for format conversion

App Video to mp3 Premium as one of the easiest software to convert video files to audio has more than 10 million downloads enabled rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by users Play Store downloads, which can now use the newest version of the premium this Download the program without the need to pay within the $ 2.88 network from Usroid site.

Changes in version v4.2:

* Fixed application problems


Video to mp3

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