Vineyard Valley: Design Story v1.29.6 + Mod – Takestan Valley Management and Interesting Game: Android Design Story
Normal version + Mode version (increase coins instead of decrease) separately
Tested with offline performance

Vineyard Valley: Design Story – The story of designing a fun and beautiful game and a combination of management, creative and puzzle styles that has been published in the category of casual games by the popular studio and well-known name Jam City, Inc. Is. The American game company has gained a lot of fame for producing and releasing popular games such as Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Snoopy Pop, and in general, it can be said that all the games of this studio have a special charm and excitement. Vineyard Valley: Design Story is a multi-purpose game in which you have to play in several areas such as cooking, managing and designing a mansion and its exterior, doing puzzles and the like. In this game you are in the role of a young girl who wants to rebuild an old tourist area and bring it back to its heyday. The area includes a mansion and a restaurant surrounded by beautiful vineyards and vineyards. You must help him to renovate this mansion and take care of the surrounding gardens, turning it from an abandoned place into a beautiful and lovely area for travelers! Vineyard Valley: Design Story has an interesting storyline with several characters. You have to follow the story of different characters during the game and discover many romantic, mysterious events and dramas. Your task is to start a comprehensive business. You have to create your own restaurant and make this restaurant special and general by serving the best food! Apart from these cases, this game has two main parts of management and playing Blast Puzzle games. First you have to earn points and money in the puzzles section by doing the usual puzzles. Then, with the help of the obtained coins, you can buy various equipment and items and design the decoration and beautification of this area!

Some features of Vineyard Valley: Design Story Android game:

  • Great graphics with three-dimensional and colorful designs
  • Fun gameplay and a combination of several adventure, management, puzzle and cooking styles
  • Existence of a beautiful and romantic storyline with the presence of various characters
  • Possibility of starting a new business by renovating a beautiful restaurant and residence
  • Ability to beautify the surroundings and gardens
  • Ability to cook and serve a variety of foods
  • Existence of puzzle stages with dozens of jigsaw puzzles Blast Puzzles
  • Ability to use special items to solve puzzles
  • There are numerous gifts and storing items throughout the game
  • Existence of online leaderboard and the possibility of sharing records on social networks


Vineyard Valley: Design Story is a multi-purpose game that can entertain fans of different styles such as adventure games, management and cooking games, and puzzle games for a long time and by presenting a beautiful story, persuade players to continue to play. Many challenges await you in this game. If you want to get more acquainted with this game, you can see the pictures related to the game below and, if you wish, download the normal and modded versions of it from Usroid servers with one click and install them on your Android device.


Note: In the mod version, by buying from the game store, instead of reducing the coins, they increase.


Vineyard Valley: Design Story