Virus War v2.0.4 + Mod – An exciting and incredibly attractive arcade game “Virus War” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited coins, diamonds) separately
Tested by running offline

Virus War – Space Shooting Game – جنگ ویروسی is an arcade game in the style of Space Shooting and is a technical arcade game that has been produced by taking inspiration from classic arcade games and is completely free for Android devices. This game has been produced by the Chinese studio Kunpo, which, prior to producing and developing Virus War, had an incredible start with the development and release of the very attractive game Loner. Now, following this success, the second project of this game studio has also been released with the same positive feedback. Usroid has also provided the latest version of this game, along with the mod version of Virus War – Space Shooting Game, for free download. Just like many arcade games in the space shooter genre, Virus War has been produced with the same elements. Generally, the essence of these games is related to a lot of shooting and hitting, but in Virus War, these actions are much more frequent, making the game incredibly exciting and enjoyable. As the name suggests, you enter a world of space where you fight against viruses. This world may be outside of the atmosphere or it may be a place like the human body! In any case, what matters is the presence of thousands of viruses in this world, and it is up to you to shoot them down!


Virus War - Space Shooting Game - Virus War


In Virus War – Space Shooting Game, you have a military-equipped spacecraft and must control it to shoot at viruses. The gameplay is very engaging and enjoyable, and can be played with just one finger. This game has multiplied its enjoyment with its excellent designs and impressive visual effects. In the busy sections of the game, you will experience an action-packed and thrilling gameplay with lots of hits and a tense atmosphere that can excite and entertain you. Your task is to shoot at enemies and avoid their attacks by quickly dodging them! Otherwise, you will lose. Numbers indicating their health are written on the viruses. Your priority should be viruses with higher numbers (more lives). By shooting at them, these numbers decrease towards 0, and the virus is destroyed once it reaches 0. In terms of this type of gameplay, it can be said that Virus War is a professional imitation of the game Kill Bug – Infinity Shooting. In the Virus War game, you can also purchase better and more powerful spacecraft with the money and points you earn. This game has had over 1 million downloads and a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating until now. Usroid has provided this game in both regular and mod versions and invites you to download it for free.

Two important points about mood:

1 – You must run the game only and only offline.
The game language is Chinese and you can easily change its language from within the game.