Visual Anatomy An anatomy app for the human body is from the Education Mobile programming studio for Android tablets and phones. To date, we have introduced various software for recognizing body parts and anatomy, all of which were the best; Today we are going to introduce a powerful application called Visual Anatomy, which, as its name suggests, is designed to be visually perfect, and with it you can get to know all the different parts of the body and read complete information about them. With 3D images, this software describes all the muscular parts of the body and includes more than 1247 images that are designed with the highest possible quality. The software, which contains 48 high-quality images with high resolution and more than 600 points on the body with full explanations, is currently sold at a price of about $ 2.50 in the Android Market, with a score of 4.4, which is one of the most popular.

Some features and features of the Visual Anatomy Android application:

  • No need for internet and download additional files and work offline
  • Ability to zoom in to view more accurately with one click
  • Having multiple-choice racing exams
  • Having high resolution images and excellent quality
  • Easy and user-friendly interface

The Visual Anatomy app covers all different organs, including more than 120 muscles, bones, nervous system, blood circulation, and so on. It can be the best tool for medical students in its own right, giving it to all users who like it. We suggest that the various organs of the body be recognized in the best possible way. You can first view images from the app environment and finally get the full version from your site!


Visual Anatomy