Visualization Video Maker v2.0.6 – a professional and free program for making music video on image
Full version + no ads program dedicated to you

Visualization Video Maker is a powerful, professional and popular program for making videos and playing music online in an attractive video format from Kotorimura Studio for Android. Converting sounds to images is often referred to as music visualization, and music visualizers have been around for some time, but are now gaining a new wave of popularity. People use them to produce podcasts, music videos, and social media posts. If you’re not a professional filmmaker, but you’re looking for a free or cost-effective tool for creating beautiful audio and video sharing on social media, you know that making a music video that can show off the sea of ​​content is not easy, but a good, professional tool. O can make your job easier and deliver a fantastic result. The Visualization Video Maker allows the user to select an audio pattern, and the program uses the selected music to produce moving images. Social media content creators can use this program to produce stunning videos.

Some features and specifications of Visualization Video Maker Android application:

  • Ability to preview the video during the editing operation
  • Ability to create unlimited video tracks
  • Ability to create unlimited text tracks
  • Ability to mute and unmute items
  • Ability to backup and restore stored data as a small file (ZIP)
  • Video output format: 360p – 1080p and bit rate 200 – 30000kbps
  • Spectra: Bar (bar) and line and circle and texture (texture) Preset (default) and texture (texture) Custom image
  • Spectrum parameters: number of bars 10 – 256; Peak line , thickness; Color, transparency; Adjust texture color; Hertz range, dB dB range and position, area size
  • Image configuration: placement, size; Color (brightness, contrast, saturation, transparency) and color balance, filters
  • Text configuration: placement position, size, color; Default font (default)

Visualization Video Maker application has been downloaded +1 million times by Android users around the world from Google Play and has been able to get a score of 3.7 out of 5.0. Usroid, as the latest Android reference in Iran, has released the latest version of this popular program for download, in which, in addition to all the features available, there are no ads.