Vitaliy Notes v2.0.1.Pro – Professional and full-featured note-taking app for the purchased and complete Android
version for $ 2.49

Not having enough focus on various activities and forgetfulness is one of our main problems in today’s world. Jobs are family problems and… factors that go hand in hand and have a direct impact on the minds of all of us. As we mentioned at the beginning, these problems and stresses have caused us to forget certain tasks or information in some cases. One of the best possible ways to prevent such forgetfulness is to take notes and store information, so far we have introduced several widely used software in this field. Vitaliy NotesTitle is a professional and feature-rich note-taking application developed by Vitaliy Panov and published on Google Play. The set of features and options available in this software will allow you to easily write your texts and save them with a single touch. Several versatile features have made this startup a special option! One of the most important features of Vitali Note is the ability to add files to posts; After writing a full text, you will be able to add images, video files or documents to your posts to add more detail. The notes you create are placed in several different languages, which makes the organizing process much easier. Use the main screen widgets to create your personal notes quickly and effortlessly, and create high-detail notes with just one touch.

Some features and capabilities of Vitaliy Notes Android app:

  • Create and organize your notes in several different tabs
  • Change the background color of created notes or tabs
  • Add pictures to your notes for very detailed details
  • Add any file to the created notes
  • Make a list of your daily tasks
  • Internal trash to prevent unwanted deletion of notes
  • Home screen widgets for quick creation of any kind of note
  • Use a dark theme at night and avoid eye damage
  • Easy and flawless management of your notes

Vitaliy Notes application has been released by its developer with a set of various and special features at a price of $ 2.49 and has received a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users, who can now download the latest version from the server. Get high speed Usroid website in Iran.


Vitaliy Notes