Viva Video Editor – Video Maker with Music v8.3.2 – Full-featured and highly professional Android video editor application VIP
version of the program worth $ 10.99

Many users who are active in social networks today have repeatedly thought about making money from this space. It can be said that many of these people take steps to do this and publish various videos on the web, each of which has specific topics. As you know, before we publish videos, we have to edit them and fix their problems. Therefore, for such edits, we need special startups that Usroid website, as the best Persian language Android website, has tried to provide you with the best of these tools. Viva Video Editor – Video Maker with MusicTitle is a full-featured and highly professional movie editor developed by video.trimmer.videotrimmer and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, the set of features that this startup provides to you is complete and will solve any of your needs in this field. It can even be said to some extent that the developers of the above application have designed the features in a way for content creators! Easily recall the video you want and make any changes to it. Cut the clips so that you can share them on social networks such as Instagram without any problems. One of the most important features in the above program is the ability to create personal videos. Select several images and get them in the form of a short and attractive clip, considering a suitable music. The available features allow you to put your favorite texts in different parts of the video and add your desired watermark to the clip to avoid violating the copyright law. 3D video effects double the beauty of the clips and draw all the attention to you!

Some features and capabilities of Viva Video Editor – Video Maker with Music Android:

  • A set of different editing options in a simple environment
  • Ability to cut your favorite parts of clips or merge several clips together
  • Option to speed up videos or reverse playback
  • Add your favorite music to the background of the clips
  • Create various clips with your favorite music
  • Several 3D effects to beautify the clips as much as possible
  • Write various texts in various parts of the video
  • Add watermarks to clips
  • Get the output file suitable for your favorite social networks
  • Very high quality output files with the ability to adjust the quality and format to your liking

App Viva Video Editor – Video Maker with Music with a set of special features in the field of video editing by Developer her for free with a paying interstitial 10.99 dollars in Google published and managed to score 4.6 out of 5.0 by users receive You can now download the latest version of VIP from Usroid high-speed servers .


Viva Video Editor - Video Maker with Music