Vizmato – Create & Watch Cool Videos! v2.3.6 [Unlocked] – professional Android video creation and editing application
Introducing the Android version for the first time among Persian language websites

In all Android devices, there are default tools for editing audio and video files, which with the increasing expansion of Android applications, this tool does not meet the needs of users and they try to download images by other software. And edit your videos in a completely different way. Due to the hot market of these editors, developers have also started to work and try their best to show off their abilities by publishing their own applications. Among the various software for creating and editing video files can be the product of Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd means Vizmato pointed out. Vizmato – Create & Watch Cool Videos! Full Unlocked is a program that amazes users and provides them with a variety of capabilities for creating and editing videoeasily. Easily access a collection of tasteful and stunning themes and put them on your clips with your favorite music. One of the distinguishing features of Vizmato compared to similar programs is the high quality of the output files, which can be considered unique. It is good to know that this application was first released for iOS users, but after the great success of its developers, it was released for Android users. Do not miss this wonderful software with its unlimited set of capabilities and join us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Vizmato – Create & Watch Cool Videos! Android :

  • Capture and create high quality HD video files
  • Access a collection of different effects and themes for real-time use
  • Use 40 stunning visual effects to create stunning videos
  • Powerful video editor with support for a variety of rare tools
  • Ability to change and add music to the background of clips
  • Access to change the playback speed of video files
  • Combine multiple videos and merge them together
  • Unique color change system in videos
  • Write all kinds of text and put stickers on personal clips
  • Access video files edited by other users!
  • Sharing video files on social networks


Vizmato App – Create & Watch Cool Videos! Only a few hours after the release of the initial version for Android users, due to the countless successes in the iOS version, it has been able to get more than 50,000 active downloads for $ 4.99 in the Play Store. Now you can download the unlocked version of it from Usroid for the first time among Iranian sites.


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