[Voice Aloud Reader Premium v25.4.9 [Unlocked – Super text-to-speech application for Android Unlocked
version with access to all features + functional plug-ins

One of the most recent features used by Android operating systems is word-to-text conversion, and vice versa, which is text-to-speech, which can be very useful in many cases, especially dealing with long texts. There are great programs for converting text to speech and vice versa in the Android Market, the best of which is Voice Aloud Reader Premium Unlocked . Voice Aloud Reader Premium Unlocked smart app Using an incredibly powerful internal engine, it can read a variety of texts from web pages, emails, long articles, various documents in various formats and و, giving them unparalleled audio quality. One of the most important features used in this software, in comparison with similar programs, is the ability to record audio so that when converting text to text, all the read text is recorded and provided to users in the form of an audio file. It will be given. Easily control the process of reading texts and pause or pause in any part of the text. In addition to reading texts, Voice Aloud Reader can easily play audio books and play them for its users. Do not miss this wonderful program and stay tuned to read more.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Aloud Reader Premium Android application:

  • Supports reading texts in all applications
  • Read long texts in a variety of formats such as PDF, doc, rtf and….
  • Execution of digital audiobooks with playback control capability
  • Ability to manage and control the process of executing texts by audio
  • Extract text audio file and save in wav audio format
  • Save time by managing the playback speed of texts being played
  • Automatic language recognition of texts and articles

Application Voice Aloud Reader Premium has a powerful engine and smart with over 5 million downloads Active has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users Play Store acquired can now unlocked version without ads this unique software Download from Usroid site.


Voice Aloud Reader Premium