Voice Caller ID – Ad Free v3.15 Donated – The easiest and best app for repeating contact names when calling for Android
paid version without ads!

Voice Caller ID – Ad Free is a great and simple application in the field of saying and repeating the name of the contact when calling for Android , which is offered by Pwn with your Phone studio on Google Play and has been purchased more than 50,000 times to date. By installing this program on your mobile phone, you can easily play the names of the callers when making a call! Yes… This app is able to read the caller’s name from the contacts section of your Android device; Just install the app and that’s it! This feature is available by default on some Nokia phones, and you might also like to bring this feature to your Android device; Perhaps the simplest program in this field is Voice Caller ID, which does not require rooting or special settings, and only by installing it can you give this feature to your device.

Some features of Voice Caller ID – Ad Free Android application:

* No need for special settings and activation with installation

* Settings to insert custom text before saying the name

* Ability to say the voice of a specific audience or your favorite word

* Multiple settings for app customization

* Easy user interface without any annoying ads

Applications Voice Caller ID – Ad Free now on Android Market with points 4.0 to 5.0 and at a price of 1.98 dollars sold and we Farsrvyd the latest version of their money for free at your disposal and we hope Be your favorite.

Note: Upcoming version of Voice Caller ID – Ad Free; The paid version has no ads.

Changes in version v3.15:

* Fixed bugs and software problems


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