Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording v1.6.0 – Powerful Android voice recording and transcription application
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Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording is a powerful Android voice recording and transcription application developed by HappyBees & Screen Voice Reco rder & Video Music Editor was developed and published on Google Play. The freedom of action of the developers of the Android operating system has caused the users of this operating system to sometimes amaze and delight them with extremely attractive startups. The number of these creative developers is increasing day by day and we are facing new programs; Programs, some of which go beyond our imagination and meet many of our most pressing needs. One of the best apps that caught our attention in our team’s recent reviews was Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording. This audio recording software with its special features and capabilities will delight you and provide you with a tool that you do not see in even the most professional Windows software. From high quality audio recording to a live transcription system that you will no doubt need to use over and over again every day. So it is better not to miss this perfect app and join us to get it.

Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording is the best Android voice recording tool

All smartphone users expect their basic needs to be met as soon as possible after installing an app. When we talk about audio recording apps, the first thing that comes to mind is the high quality of the audio recording; In a way, we must say that this is the first and main demand of users. Fortunately, the Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording program meets your first need efficiently. We must say that in the comparisons made with other similar startups, the recording quality is very high and the playback quality is very good when playing saved files. The choice of recording quality and bit rate depends only on you and your wishes and you can change it with just one touch. We should also mention that you will be provided with several different audio formats, the choice of which is up to you.

Extra live transcription capability

One of the main features of Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording program that excites everyone is the ability to transcribe live or live transcription, which is unique in its kind. We all record and store different sounds to keep details and complete information. Sometimes it is necessary to listen to these sounds again and write their text in summary or in full in handwriting. The transcription system allows you to convert all recorded sounds into different texts. Users of this startup can access the transfer feature in two different ways. The first mode is live, in which the recorded sounds are converted to text during audio recording, and the second mode is completely offline. In the second transcription mode, you will be able to call pre-recorded sounds and convert them to text.

A special program for converting sound!

As we mentioned in the initial description, special features and capabilities are provided to users in the Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording program. One of the most popular of these features is the ability to change the sound. In this program, a unique collection of various effects is provided to you, the choice and use of each of which depends on you and your needs.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording Android app:

  • High quality audio recording and super clear
  • Ability to change the bit rate from 64 to 320kbps
  • Option to change the sampling rate from 8000 to 12800 Hz
  • Ability to select audio recording between mono and stereo modes
  • Supports all Bluetooth microphones
  • Download audio recording file in various formats such as MP3, AAC and…
  • Unique microphone gain system to increase the quality of audio recording
  • Reduce noise to have a clearer sound
  • Mark different parts of the sound during the recording process
  • Ability to edit recorded sounds and cut custom parts
  • Extra transcript feature for converting audio files to text
  • Access the transcript feature in two different modes
  • A set of various effects to change the recorded sound
  • Change the audio playback speed to suit your needs
  • Password protected voice recordings
  • Internal file converter for converting video files to audio
  • Transcription feature support from 125 different languages ​​from around the world
  • Share audio files with your friends on social networks

Application Voice Recorder-Free Audio Recorder + Sound Recording with the benefit of a variety of features and functionality by its developer network for free along with payment of $ 49.99 published rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users is received. Dear ones, you can now download the latest professional version of this smart and full-featured app without any restrictions on accessing the features mentioned in the above descriptions from the high-speed and half-price servers of Usroid website .


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