Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality Audio Recording v2.3 – Professional and complete Android audio recording application
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Of course, you have also attended various meetings or conferences that have been of great importance to you. Usually, different people write down what is said in such situations, and these notes are defective due to the lack of reflection in the speech. One of the best ways for people to cope with this situation is to record audio, which helps you to listen and rewrite everything at the right time. In addition to voice recorders, which are very expensive, smartphones can be turned into complete voice recorders! Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality Audio RecordingTitle is a professional and complete recording application developed by Mobile Security Lab 2020 and published on Google Play. By providing a suitable platform, this software will allow you to use the maximum hardware quality of your smart device and record the surrounding sounds with unparalleled quality. It does not matter where you are, just run the above app and touch the record option. As we mentioned and the title of the post is clear, this software has desirable features, among which we can mention mono and stereo mode, recording sound while playing music, recording voice calls, and so on. All recorded files are placed in your desired folder and you can have a special monitor on all of them. The choice of audio recording source is up to you and changes with just one touch of the screen.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality Audio Recording Android:

  • HD quality audio recording without any restrictions
  • Adjust the data storage folder according to your needs
  • Save, pause, resume and cancel the recording process
  • Record background sound when the screen is off
  • Ability to specify the audio source for recording
  • View or disable the display of the recording process in the notification bar
  • Audio recording mode when playing music
  • Use the recorded sound as an alarm or a smartphone ringtone
  • Quick and easy sharing of recorded files
  • WAV encryption with the ability to change the bit rate
  • Record all voice conversations automatically

Application Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality Audio Recording benefit from the features and functionality of a variety of audio recordings by their developer at a price of $ 4.49 on Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version purchased it without Get some kind of restriction on access to facilities from Usroid high-speed and powerful servers .


Voice Recorder Pro