Voice Recorder & Voice Memos – Voice Recording App v1.01.74.1116 – Professional and high quality Android voice recording application
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Voice Recorder & Voice Memos – Voice Recording App is a professional and quality audio recording application that was developed by Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder and published on Google Play. One of the main capabilities of Android smart devices is the ability to record audio. Different people record the sound around them for different reasons; Journalists conduct special interviews, students record professors’ explanations, or musicians store ideas that may be heard transiently and in nature. However, the default version of voice recording apps in Android only meets the basic needs and in some cases can not meet our needs. Usroid website, as the best Persian language Android website, has tried to provide the best of these softwares to you dear ones. Voice Recorder & Voice Memos – Voice Recording App is undoubtedly one of the best voice recording and voice recording tools in Android that anyone with any need can take full advantage of it. The first feature that the developer has specifically mentioned is the sound recording quality, which preserves the details well and no pauses are seen during the recording. The above software can use different sources for audio recording and there is no time limit in this process. By creating different categories, you will be able to organize the recorded sounds and never be confused when searching for them. Marking specific parts of audio files allows you to quickly view and recall important parts of an audio while playing it. In addition, unlike other recording tools available in the Android Market, you have the option to edit audio.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Recorder & Voice Memos – Voice Recording App for Android:

  • Record surround sounds with the highest possible quality
  • Convenient option for taking voice notes without any errors
  • Suitable for students, journalists and musicians
  • There were no restrictions on audio recording time
  • Categorize all recorded sounds for easier management
  • Select the source you want to start recording audio
  • Download output file in AAC, M4A, AMR, MP3 formats
  • Mark important parts of the recorded audio
  • Ability to quickly edit sounds after the recording process
  • Ability to record audio in the background of the smartphone
  • Cut audio files and use them as ringtones or alerts
  • Record audio in mono or stereo mode
  • Convenient option for recording podcasts

Application Voice Recorder & Voice Memos – Voice Recording App to take advantage of the features and functionality of a variety of audio recording by Developer her for free with in-network $ 9.99 reported and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users received You can now download the latest version of VIP from the huge database of Usroid website .


Voice Recorder & Voice Memos