Wakeup Light v1.0.6 [Pro] – Innovative wake-up app for Android
Professional version worth $ 0.99 for the first time in Iran

With the arrival of winter, the length of the day is shortened and the nights are much longer, which makes it harder to wake up and the sleep is heavier. Most people, even on cold winter mornings, use simple, routine tools to wake them up, and in many cases, they may not be able to wake up on time. So far, different companies have made and marketed various gadgets that no one has provided due to their very high price, and they prefer to use cheaper ways. Usroid site, as one of the top Persian-language Android sites, has published various alarms for waking up quickly, all of which are based on some challenges and alert sounds! But today in this post we want to introduce you to a new and innovative program. Wakeup Light PROTitle is a smart and unique app for waking up, developed by TUOGOL and published in the big market of Google Play. This software allows its users to simulate sunrise and turn on the screen away from the history environment of their room and be able to put aside a long night’s sleep after a short time. The brightness of the screen gradually increases and goes so far that the light passes through the eyelids and when it hits your eyes, it creates a forced but stress-free awakening. You do not need to set the clock every day because the repeat function allows you to not run the software on other days at once.


Wakeup Light Pro


اپلیکیشن Wakeup Light توانسته است با برخورداری از یک حالت خاص برای بیداری توجه کاربران را جلب کرده و امتیاز 5.0 از 5.0 را توسط ان ها دریافت نماید. توجه داشته باشید این برنامه تا کنون تنها 50 دانلود فعال داشته که با دریافت آن از سایت پر بازدید فارسروید بی شک جزو اولین کاربران جهانیش خواهید بود.

تغییرات نسخه v1.0.6:

* بهینه سازیهای مختلف و رفع باگ ها و مشکلات برنامه