Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock – Ad Free v4.0.6 – Android smart alarm and evil alarm application
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We all spend hours sleeping every day and night. Usually, everyone needs an average of seven hours of sleep a night; But among us there are lazy people who, despite having a good night’s sleep, still want to sleep! These people not only harass themselves but also those around them who are harassed and face problems. We know that in order to be successful in life, we must make a relentless effort and in some cases take a short break. However, too much sleep can hinder our growth and achievement of our goals. This is the reason why we decided to introduce a wonderful alarm in this post. Walk Me Up! Alarm ClockIt is a smart and evil alarm alarm application developed by Bazzinga Labs and published on Google Play. The title of your post may surprise you a little; But it must be said that the title describes part of the features and capabilities of this software! The above program with a special algorithm provides conditions for users to wake up easily with heavy sleep. All you have to do is set the alarm clock and leave everything to this startup. The smart system of this software stops only when a certain number of steps are taken or you go up or down the stairs! Get rid of the idea of ​​cheating the program because the vibration sensor detects any fraud and punishes you quickly. An evil mode has been installed by the development team in the heart of the software, which causes the snooze button to be disabled and you do not have to worry about taking a nap. Use the voice assistant to set the alarm you need at a specific time and specify the number of steps or steps. As we mentioned, if you try to cheat the program, the number of steps will increase and you will have to spend more energy to stop the alarm.

Some features and capabilities of the Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Android:

  • Awakening of users with the heaviest dreams in the blink of an eye
  • Intelligent system and dedicated algorithm for waking you up
  • Walk or go up and down stairs to stop the alarm
  • Intelligent penalty system in case of device vibration to stop the alarm
  • Super Evil Mode Disable the snooze option
  • Adjust the type and setting of the alarm according to your taste
  • Voice Assistant to generate alarms without touching the screen
  • Adjust the amount of steps based on how deep your sleep is

The Walk Me Up app ! Alarm Clock with the use of a smart and dedicated system for waking users up by its developer has been released for free with $ 0.99 in-network payment on Google Play, which you can now download the latest version without ads from the database Download the huge Usroid website .


Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock