Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget Premium 1.7.2 – Unique and Exclusive Android Wallpapers
The full and premium version of the app worth $1.99

Wallpapers for Android smartphones are like clothes for us humans! Having an attractive background image makes the display of our smartphone much more beautiful and you will never get tired of working with it. As we have mentioned in other posts, one of the best ways to have beautiful background images is to use apps published in this field. Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget is the title of an application that offers unique and distinctive wallpapers developed by Candy App Co for Android and published on Google Play. The first and most important feature of this software is the uniqueness or simply the specialness of the background images provided in it. These wallpapers are designed by professional artists and efforts have been made to use the best elements and colors in them. You will have access to over 10,000 different background images, which increases your selection spectrum. In a way, we can say that there are several wallpapers available for every taste, and users just need to spend a few minutes finding their favorite background image. All images are categorized into 22 different groups and each has its own special hashtags, making it easier for you to find the best ones. Another notable feature of the app is the automatic wallpaper changing mode. The Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget app allows you to select multiple favorite background images or a group and let the smart system automatically change the wallpapers based on various time intervals and attract you at any time. Unlike other similar apps, the images are completely sized to fit the display and can be easily set with just one touch on your screen. If you are also interested in special background images, don’t miss this app and stay with us to download it.

Some features and capabilities of the Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget app for Android:

  • Access to an endless collection of unique and exclusive wallpapers
  • Over 10,000 diverse wallpapers with exceptional and noteworthy quality
  • Continuous wallpaper updates and addition of new images by artists
  • Categorization of all wallpapers into 22 different groups
  • Search within the database to find the best wallpaper
  • Ability to automatically and intelligently change wallpapers
  • Mark your favorite wallpapers for easier access at other times
  • Provide a complete history of wallpapers used by you
  • No problem with wallpaper size and the ability to use them on all smartphones
  • A simple and likable user interface

The Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget app, with an extraordinary database of various wallpapers, has been released for free by its developer with a $1.99 in-app purchase and has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 by users. You can now download the latest premium version from the direct links of the Usroid website.