Wanam Xposed is one of the most popular, best and unique Android applications in the field of personalizing ROMs for Samsung phones, which has a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 with hundreds of thousands of downloads from Google Play and is at the top of the top Android applications! This software allows you to customize the official and unmodified ROM of Samsung phones with Android 4.2 and above! On the other hand, the above software works with all custom ROMs, but we suggest you to use stock ROMs for better operation of this software!

Maybe you do not know this program is it used, it is better to use it as our expression: Suppose you want your camera shutter button on the top of the phone to change the volume or turn your camera when making calls; Disable ringtone volume, mute the camera shutter sound, and even personalize your phone history, and enjoy an amazing ROM personalization app!

Some features and capabilities of Wanam Xposed Android application:

* Ability to fully customize the status of the load by the user!

* Ability to secure the keyboard of Samsung phones by not saving words!

* Option to hold the A d d Call button with call recording options!

* Ability to mute the camera sound while shooting!

* Added the ability to reject the song with the volume buttons!

* Activate incredibly beautiful keyboard symbols!

* Full color control, status bar transparency and notification panel!

* Customize templates for watches, dates and other parts of the phone!

* And hundreds of other features that will amaze you !!!

Wanam Xposed application has been released for free and we decided to put a complete post of this program for you in Usroid , as the first Iranian website, which you can read about the program and how to use it by referring to the following. Learn!

 Changes in version v3.4.3:

* Feature Removal: Permissive SELinux

* Troubleshoot and improve performance


Download Wanam Xposed - Easy personalization of Samsung Android ROM!




Before going to download the program, note the following points:

1 – To use this program, your smartphone or tablet must be rooted!

2 – Before using the program, it is recommended to make a backup copy of your ROM by nandroid backup software, because there is a risk of removing the ROM, and you are responsible for this problem and do not complain about us!


How to use the program for personalization:

1 – Make sure your ROM backup you!

2 – Download the Xposed Installer program from the link opposite and install it. ( Download Xposed Installer Android app )

3 – Download and install Wanam Xposed app. Run it through Xposed Installer and then apply various tasks on your phone and finally restart your phone.


Download Wanam Xposed Android Apk - New FREE



Download Wanam Xposed Android Apk - New FREE



Download Wanam Xposed Android Apk - New FREE



Download Wanam Xposed Android Apk - New FREE



Download Wanam Xposed Android Apk - New FREE