YoWhatsApp v9.41 – WhatsApp – the best, most complete and most secure WhatsApp Android mod
It has dozens of additional and wonderful features along with the features of the original version
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YoWhatsApp is a WhatsApp Mod application with great features and the best WhatsApp Mod Android, which is based on the original and official WhatsApp and by installing it on your tablet or Android phone, you can get a clean WhatsApp with Experience a series of great features such as downloading people status, hiding last visit, having night mode and so on. No doubt you all know the famous WhatsApp Messenger. A global messenger with millions of users from all over the world that allows you to make voice and text calls in a really lovely and simple environment! If you use WhatsApp Messenger, you have no doubt liked that your last visit, online, text tick, and were not displayed to your friends and acquaintances. Now we introduce YoWhatsApp to your presence, which will undoubtedly amaze you with its features, and with it you can hide the mentioned items! This version of WhatsApp has full security and we recommend it to all Iranian Android users and with it, you can experience a WhatsApp with Persian language support.

Some additional features that are in this WhatsApp and are not in the original version:

  • The original and official base with the latest version of WhatsApp
  • No ads and hundreds of new emoticons
  • Ability to delete date and time when copying +2 messages from chats
  • Ability to freeze your last visit and show the freeze time forever!
  • Remove the options of one tick, 2 tick, read and … for the other party!
  • Remove the Typing the show display option when you write
  • Extraordinary Text Selectable function for copying my status and…
  • Ability to hide the contact tab from the WhatsApp page by you
  • Disable image upload limit from 10 to infinity!
  • Disable video upload limit from 30 MB to infinity!
  • Send images in full resolution (full) unlike the original version!
  • Data backup and recovery (similar to titanium backup)
  • Ability to hide the audio recording for not being on the screen
  • Ability to specify a template or password to log in to the app
  • Having a night mode (night mode) with the possibility of selection by you
  • Having dozens of specific themes to choose from
  • Sweet Persian language support


We are introducing the YoWhatsApp application today in Usroid for the first time in Iran, in the presence of Iranian Android users, which you can download for free and with one click. This version has been tested by me and it can be called the best, most complete and safest version of WhatsApp mod! Join us… You can always download the latest version of this program for free and with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Note: The mod version is installed next to the original version of your WhatsApp, but to install the plus version you must delete the original version of your WhatsApp [it is possible to install both the plus version and the mod together].


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