Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action v5.97 + Mod – Action and Competitive game “Warriors” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (free purchase) tested separately
with offline

Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action – Warriors: Battle Royale Another well-made and entertaining game by CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio in the style of Battle Royale is one of the action games that is free but with the ability to pay in-app on Google Play is available. As always, this time we decided to once again, as the first Iranian website , introduce another fun and interesting game for you dear ones. Usroid has prepared the game Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action for testing in two normal and modified versions for you friends. The game is based on many titles such as Heroes Strike , West Legends , Frostfall , Brawls of Steel , Royale Battleground ,FightNight Battle Royale , Battlelands Royale , Zooba or Pico Tanks has been created and developed. Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action, like these games, has the nature of Battle Royale games, but unlike most of these titles, which are only available online, Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action is also available offline. Although the developers will tell you at the beginning of the game what you will not have access to if the Internet is not connected, there is no obligation to turn on and connect to the Internet to run the game. In Warrior Game: Battle Royale you have to go through exciting battles and prepare yourself to face tough challenges.

Some features of Android game Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action:

  • Three-dimensional designs
  • Fantasy and cartoon graphics
  • Third person view
  • Fun and smooth gameplay
  • Individual battles in the form of Battle Royale battles
  • Ability to select the hero character from 68 different characters with unique features
  • There are more than 50 different types of weapons in different categories
  • Ability to personalize and customize items with beautiful and attractive skins
  • There are several types of game modes
  • Ability to use side items within the game
  • There are sub-items such as health kits, speed increase and so on
  • Multiple maps with different capabilities
  • Ability to upgrade characters
  • Possibility to upgrade weapons
  • Optimized to run smoothly on mobiles and tablets
  • No need for internet

In Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action, you can choose your favorite character from dozens of different heroes and fight with others. In this game, there are all kinds of hot and cold weapons that you can buy and upgrade by earning money from competitions. This game has a simple but fun and competitive structure, and if you’ve had a good relationship with Battle Royale before, Warriors.io – Battle Royale Action can also be an exciting option for you. The game has been downloaded nearly 5.00 thousand times on Google Play with a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 . From the download section of Usroid site, you can easily download the latest version of this game along with a modded version of it.


Warriors.io - Battle Royale Action