[Water Drink Reminder and Alarm v2.8.16 [Pro – Android water consumption warning and reminder application,
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Water is the most vital substance on earth that everyone drinks regularly throughout the day. Not drinking enough water during the day causes problems such as decreased skin quality, kidney problems, increased harmful substances in the blood and.. One of the ways to consume water continuously is to use reminder programs, the best of which we have provided to you dear ones so far. Water Drink Reminder and Alarm ProIs the title of a water consumption warning and reminder application developed by MOB Aplicativos for Android and published on Google Play. As the name implies, the above app helps its users to drink water at certain times and keep their body fully hydrated so that in addition to having fresh skin, they can help their weight loss process. Just enter your weight and know how much water you need each day. All water intake alerts are activated fully automatically and the AI ​​system detects the exact time. During the use of this software, the amount of water you consume is stored in the database and specific information will be displayed whenever you need it.

Some features and capabilities of Water Drink Reminder and Alarm Android app:

  • Increase skin freshness and reduce body weight by hydrating all organs
  • Calculate the amount of water your body needs just by entering your weight
  • Smart alerts tailored to each user’s circumstances
  • Storage of all water consumption information every day
  • Access program history and specific information at any time
  • Very simple and beautiful user interface

The Plykyshn Water Drink Reminder and Alarm to benefit from the features and capabilities of different has been able to more than half a million downloads from around the world rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its professional and Receive direct links from Usroid without any restrictions .


Water Drink Reminder and Alarm Pro