Water Drink Reminder Pro v4.323.260 – Program for managing and scheduling daily water consumption in Android
Professional and premium version with all the features for you

In this post, we want to introduce a different program than other applications at your service, lovers and regular users of Usroid , it is the source of life! During your many years of life, you must have heard this word many times and you know that water plays a key role in the human body, so that by drinking water properly during the day you can Have a fit body and clear skin! The Water Drink Reminder program helps you in this regard, the program helps to keep your body constantly hydrated and has a completely clear and spotless skin by reminding you when to drink water! All you have to do is enter your weight after installing and running the program and water everythingLeave it to see a fresher body over time! There are two standard units of ounces and milliliters in the application, which can be used according to your taste, you need to know that all your information can be matched with Google Fit and you can use it for the rest of your life. Have a healthy body!

Some features and capabilities of Android Water Drink Reminder program:

  • Check your water intake and remind you to consume water during the day
  • Supports two units of ounce and milliliter for notifications
  • Ability to adjust the start and end of the day to adjust the amount of water consumption
  • Graphic graph to show the amount of water consumed at different times
  • Ability to sync with Google Fit
  • Ability to back up all recorded information

The Water Drink Reminder application, which has been released in the Play Store for free with in-network payment, has been able to receive a unique score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by attracting users’ attention . Get Usroid fast .


Water Drink Reminder