[Watermark On Photo & Video v1.4 [PRO – application for adding watermarks to Android videos and images
Professional and complete version of the program for the first time on Persian-language Android websites

One of the most important issues in different countries is copyright! Unlike our country, in other countries of the world, in case of violation of copyright law, the wrongdoer may be tried and even fined. Although copyright is not observed in Iran, but by adding your digital signature on your products, you can guarantee their authenticity or gain a lot of credibility among your fans. Therefore, we intend to solve any of your needs by introducing a software in this field. Watermark On Photo & Video ProTitle is a simple application to add watermarks to images and videos, published by JVR Developers for Android. The first feature that fascinates users of this program is the ability to add copyright to images or videos in a single environment; In a way that there is no need for accessories and your needs will be met in a fixed environment. All you have to do is call up the image or clip you want and create a watermark to protect the copyright. There are two different ways to create watermarks. In the first case, you can create a text watermark with different fonts, or in the second case, you can create a specific logo using various default shapes. Unlike many similar tools, the variety of fonts and shapes available is very high and after adding a watermark to your files, there is no loss of quality in them.


Watermark On Photo & Video Pro


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