The creators of Android, in addition to paying a lot of attention to the efficiency and power of this operating system, have also worked hard for its beauty and attractiveness. So that now Android is one of the most customizable operating systems. One of the interesting features of this operating system is the support of live wallpaper or live wallpaper. Live wallpapers are images that move and react to various factors while moving. For example, when the screen is touched or the phone moves, they change and take on a different shape. Live Wallpaper existed from the very first versions on Android and became one of its attractions. Live wallpapers have never lost their popularity over the years, and new live wallpapers are always available on Google Play. In Usroid, we have offered a huge collection of live wallpapers, and today we are at your service with another live wallpaper.WaveThe title of a very beautiful and attractive live wallpaper for Android operating system, developed by Paper World Creation and published at $ 1.99 on Google Play. This live wallpaper is one of the oldest live wallpapers for Android, which was first published in 2012 on Google Play. The appearance of a live wallpaper, as its name implies, is like an ever-moving wave. This wave has different shapes and colors and consists of several animations that can be selected and applied as desired. All live wallpaper parameters can be changed and customized as desired. There are many default settings that can be used to save time. In the new version of this program, support for Android TV has also been added, so you can use a live wallpaper as a screen saver on your Android TV and give a beautiful effect to your TV.

Some features and capabilities of Wave Android application :

  • Has multiple quality animations
  • All parameters of the live wallpaper can be changed and customized and it can be easily customized.
  • It has many default settings with the ability to create and share them with others
  • Ability to enter default settings using QR code
  • Low battery consumption
  • Android TV support

Wave application is one of the most beautiful and attractive live wallpapers of Android, which has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users by gaining the satisfaction of Android users . Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.