Update on 15 Bahman: Program updated to new build number 27

Waves Wallpapers is an interesting and popular app for accessing a unique collection of wallpapers with wave designs for Android. The programming studio ArrowWalls has released it on Google Play for $0.99 and the purchased and paid version is available in Farsi. The Waves Wallpapers app includes a collection of beautiful background images with different wave designs and colors. The background images and wallpapers in this collection are all specially designed and of high quality. By downloading this app and using HD quality images, you will distinguish your mobile phone from others. We all use our mobile phones for many hours a day, and therefore the background images we use can have a direct impact on us. The style and design of the wallpapers in this version of Waves Wallpapers are among the most popular wallpaper styles in the market. These images depict fluid waves in different designs and colors, which are different from other images. The background images in this app are very special and all designed exclusively for this app. We assure you that you will not regret downloading and using this app. This app has a large number of default background images, and users will also receive new images and wallpapers on a daily and weekly basis after downloading.

Some features and capabilities of the Waves Wallpapers Android app:

  • New wave background images are added every 2-3 days
  • Each wallpaper is unique and designed manually
  • 4k and HD wallpapers that are special and attractive
  • Over 300 high-quality wallpapers
  • Daily and weekly updates and new additions to wallpapers
  • Regular categorization and new categories added over time
  • Existence of special wallpapers that cannot be found elsewhere

In the Waves Wallpapers app, there are different choices for people who are looking for dark images, and they can easily choose their favorite image from among them. Dark background images consume less energy from the device and help save battery. These images are also useful for eye protection and reduce eye fatigue. Waves Wallpapers is the best collection of exclusive wallpapers and background images, and we assure you that you will love them. Usroid as the most up-to-date Android reference in Iran, has provided the latest version of this app with a direct and free download link.


Waves Wallpapers