2019 Forecast Weather – VIP V2.20.03.14  applications Weather forecast for VIP Android
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There are many websites and apps for weather forecasting, each with unique features and capabilities. Many users also use the same default weather app installed by the manufacturer on Android devices, which of course has very limited features. We have introduced some of the best weather applications so far in Usroid. Today, we are at your service with one of the newest weather applications, which, with its very good facilities and design, competes with the best water and water applications. Air has been developed. Weather Forecast 2019 – VIP The title of a weather forecasting app with many features for Android, developed by the Asanzi software group and released for $ 5.99 on Google Play. The app’s many features and innovative design justify its relatively high price. The weather warnings in this application are very accurate. With weather radars, you can get very accurate details of rain, wind,. Sunshine and.. The app also warns you of sudden weather changes by providing instant alerts. You can also use satellite maps to see hot and cold storms and air fronts before they arrive.

Some features and capabilities of Weather Forecast 2019 – VIP Android :

  • Display the actual temperature of the air and the temperature at which it is felt
  • Display of weather conditions 24 hours a day with instant updates of weather radars
  • 15-day weather forecasting capability for desired areas
  • Very nice user interface
  • Ability to search areas using their name or zip code
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • Use two units, Celsius and Fahrenheit, to display the temperature
  • Displays the percentage of relative humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure display
  • Ability to define multiple desired locations and track the weather in them simultaneously
  • UV index display
  • Show dew dew
  • Provide notification of weather warnings
  • Displays rainfall and visible distance on rainy and snowy days
  • Display wind speed and direction with different units
  • Show the time of sunrise and sunset
  • Ability to display air temperature in Status bar
  • Get information from several reputable weather sources
  • Easy weather sharing with friends and acquaintances
  • Ability to customize fonts for hours and times
  • Moon phase display
  • It has a very nice widget for use on the home screen of the device
  • Automatic update at regular intervals
  • Climate maps
  • Automatically detect the user’s current location using GPS

The Weather Forecast 2019 – VIP app is a great app for those who want to access the weather with more detail and precision than similar apps. This program has recently been published on Google Play as a currency, and now you can download the purchased version with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Weather Forecast 2019 – VIP