Weather Pro – Weather Real-time Forecast v1.3 – Applied and accurate meteorological application for Android
Purchased version worth $ 4.49 for the first time Persian language websites

Weather Pro – Weather Real-time ForecastTitle is a wonderful, powerful and accurate Android weather application developed by StoreVN and published in the big Google Play Market. The above program, with a collection of various information, helps its users to be informed of the weather conditions at any time and to adjust their activities accordingly. Among the available features, the forecasting system may be one of the most popular, providing detailed reports for the next seven days. It does not matter where on earth you live; All you have to do is turn on the device’s GPS and leave everything to this extremely powerful and accurate software. As we mentioned in the title of the post, the information provided is very accurate and in most cases the predictions come true exactly. In daily reports, various information is provided to users, including air temperature, dew point, wind speed and.. Finally, if you live in a big city like New York, you do not need to turn on GPS, and your area is displayed only on your mobile network.

Some features and capabilities of Weather Pro – Weather Real-time Forecast Android:

  • Display weather information and reports with great accuracy
  • Support for different parts of the globe
  • Detect your location just by turning on GPS
  • Receive alerts when bad weather conditions
  • Complete reports including information such as temperature, dew point, UV index, wind speed and…
  • Weather forecasts for the next seven days
  • Ability to track the weather conditions of several different points

App Weather Pro – Weather Real-time Forecast with a different set of features and capabilities in providing weather reports published by their developer at a price of $ 4.49. Note that this application has been retail and perceptions of the website Usroid among the first users will be global.


Weather Pro - Weather Real-time Forecast