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Everyone who owns a smart device has different tastes in choosing the wallpaper for their Android device, some put pictures of animals, nature and landscapes on the background of their phone, and some have photos of the city and human structures! Usroid site, as the first and most visited Android site in Iran, has so far provided its users with various applications in the field of wallpaper change, and today it intends to introduce one of the best of these apps. Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Pro Unlocked is a weather wallpaper by aceou for AndroidDeveloped and published. With the help of this smart program, there is no need to install other meteorological software and you can transfer the effects and weather conditions as a wallpaper to the background of your device. For example, on rainy days, a background with raindrops is displayed, or on clear nights, stars are displayed in the background of your smartphone. It is also good to know that the weather forecast of this program is very accurate and will give you a new feeling in the field of meteorological applications.

Some features and capabilities of Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Android app:

  • Accurate weather forecast in the background of smart devices
  • Enjoy HD wallpapers with effects and weather conditions
  • Stunning weather effects for people who like to have unique and artistic wallpapers
  • Add random weather effects to the background
  • Very little use of the device battery
  • Compatible with all types of Android smartphones – tablets and phones

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper application , as one of the most different programs in the field of wallpaper change, has been able to receive a score of 3.6 out of 5.0 with more than half a million active downloads, which you can now download the latest professional version with access to all features. Download from Usroid and have a great program in the field of meteorology.


Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Pro