Westland Survival v2.1.0 + Mod – Wild Cow West Wildlife Survival Game with Data + Trailer
Ordinary version + mod version with the mentioned features
Tested with no problems

Westland Survival – Survival in the Wild West is an action game – a very beautiful and special adventure with a good design and construction by Helio ltd for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play and at your request. The latest update along with the mod has been released for download and is in front of you! By installing Westland Survival on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience an interesting adventure-management game with very beautiful 3D graphics and top-down viewing angle, in which you play the role of a cowboy in the Wild West, and everyone should So stay in the difficult conditions of the region and try to survive! Fight the rebels or even trap them and trade with the local Indians and get the resources you need from them and enjoy being in a particular wild west! The Wild West is where lawbreakers and even sheriffs themselves are willing to sell their brave men for a handful of dollars; Gold diggers set out for Klondike, Yukon, and of course the deserts and plains of Texas and New Mexico to find gold mines. It was you who won! Once this happens, your presence is full of anger and hatred towards the bandits who attacked your carriage and will not rest until you throw them to the gallows or shoot them with a shotgun. Get; Where do you think you should start ?! Collect wood and other materials to create shelter for yourself, and then build a shooting range, and with the help of the iron ore around you, build a horseshoe and sell it, and stay alive so that you can take revenge!


Westland Survival


Game Westland Survival Inspired by the popular survival game Last Day on Earth: Survival designed and built and managed in a very short time more than 10,000 times by users worldwide Google Android is received. You can first view images and video of the gameplay of Westland Survival, and finally, if you wish, download it with a single click from the Usroid high-speed servers.