WhatsApp Business v2.22.20.75 – WhatsApp Business Android application
Original version + beta app with over 100,000,000 million downloads from Google Play
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Undoubtedly, you are also completely familiar with WhatsApp; One of the first and best Android messengers that has attracted millions of viewers around the world. WhatsApp features and capabilities have made it possible for anyone to easily meet their needs in any field and have full control over all messages sent and received; However, in this post, it is better not to discuss the capabilities of the original version of WhatsApp, because in a separate post, we have fully explained it to you dear ones. The success of this large company has led its developers to create a new version of it for people with different businesses. WhatsApp Business is the title of a new version of WhatsApp software for people with small and large businesses, which was developed by the same company, WhatsApp Inc. for Android and published in the big Google Play Market. The capabilities and facilities in this app have been developed in line with the needs of business managers and enable them to have accurate monitoring of their customers. Include instant replies that you use consistently in the list of preset messages and send them quickly when you receive any repetitive messages. In addition, one of the best features of this messenger compared to the original version is its special business profile, which has a variety of options. Finally, you should know that all the features of the original version of WhatsApp are also available in this version.

Some features and capabilities of WhatsApp Business Android application:

  • Designed for personal businesses and small and large businesses
  • Business profile with the ability to enter email address, website, activity description and…
  • Save personalized instant replies for quick replies to duplicate messages
  • Automated messages to inform customers when you contact them
  • Statistics of all your sent messages (successful sends, delivered messages, read messages)
  • Ability to use regular and business versions simultaneously on a smartphone (two different mobile numbers must be used)
  • Ability to respond to your customers via the web version
  • Supports all the features of the original version of WhatsApp


WhatsApp Business application with various capabilities for people with new and small businesses has been able to receive a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 100,000,000 million active downloads, which you can now download the latest original version Download it from the popular Usroid site; The program provides you with all its features for free.


WhatsApp Business