WhatsApp JiMODs v9.41 – WhatsApp JiMODs Plus with the ability to install next to the original version for Android
A wonderful WhatsApp Messenger with incredible features!

WhatsApp + JiMODs is the best, most complete and most hassle-free version of WhatsApp messenger popular mod / plus for Android, which with its great features makes you stick to the original and official version of WhatsApp! As you know, WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular mobile messengers that almost everyone has installed on their mobile phone and is using it; WhatsApp Messenger JiMODs is designed and built based on the original WhatsApp base and has all the features that are in the original version of WhatsApp along with additional features such as removing image sending restrictions, video size and!! This program has nothing to do with the original version and is installed next to the original version and other edited versions of WhatsApp such as “WhatsApp Plus”, “WhatsApp”, “Wap” etc. and with it you can register your new number. ! This software will be useful for all people, especially those people who have several numbers and want to have an account of all of them in one phone! Not all features of this software end there; The latest application version of this program is available for download, you can first view its features and then proceed to download it.

Some features of WhatsApp + JiMODs Android app:

  • Design based on the main WhatsApp base and the use of the main account
  • Very high customization of all parts
  • Ability to change the main icon of the program by the user
  • Ability to change the status status notification icon by the user
  • Ability to customize the color of all parts of the program
  • Ability to select the desired icon for 2 WhatsApp ticks
  • Ability to hide your last visit
  • Ability to easily copy the status of your friends
  • Ability to hide one tick, two ticks and more
  • Ability to send video up to 30 MB
  • Delete the Date and Name option when copying multiple messages
  • Ability to put a password on WhatsApp
  • Having hundreds of incredibly beautiful and stylish emojis
  • Theme section with hundreds of fantastic themes to choose from
  • Easier viewing of contacts status without opening

The latest version of WhatsApp + JiMODs application, we provide you for free for the first time in Iran today in Usroid, which is installed and run on all Android phones. You can always download the latest and latest version of this WhatsApp from this page of Usroid website.

Note: The GB and GT installation file will be installed next to the original version, but the Plus version will be installed instead of the original version, and to install the Plus version, you must delete the original version.


WhatsApp + JiMODs