WhatsMapp v1.6.0 – The fastest, best and most different version of WhatsApp mode for Android
New update – One hundred percent tested by Usroid group with exclusive installation and execution training!

As you know, WhatsApp Messenger is the best, most popular and most familiar name for various devices, which we at Usroid always provide you with the latest version as soon as possible and at the same time as it is published on Google Play! With this messenger you are able to send your texts, photos, videos, files and information for free to your friends and acquaintances from all over the world for a small fee! A long time ago, we introduced the Plus version of this messenger to you, which had additional features such as hiding the last visit and و, and unfortunately, with the follow-ups and actions of Facebook (WhatsApp patent owner) caused the performance to stop, and another possibility Did not use the Plus version! Now we are going to introduce one of the most unique versions of WhatsApp called WhatsMapp By installing it on your Android mobile phone, in addition to having the features of the original version, you can have great features such as hiding the last visit, hiding the blue tick, hiding the typing, hiding the two ticks, and so on!

Some features and capabilities of WhatsMapp Android application:

* Ability to disable the option to display your last visit

* Ability to disable and hide the blue tick, two tick and…

* Hide Typing option when typing text!

* Having several dedicated icons for you to choose from

* Has a powerful AntiBan code function to prevent blocking

* Additional options to change WhatsApp password, change the color of chat ballons and so on

WhatsMapp application can be introduced as the fastest, best and most complete version of WhatsApp mode, which we recommend to all Android users around the world and regular users of Usroid , and you can download it for free for your mobile phone and be sure. Be that 100% will be installed and run on all Android phones and you will be able to use it!

WhatsMapp application initial tutorial:

Please follow all the steps below in order:

1 – Download the original version of WhatsApp from Usroid and install it.

2 – Run it and activate by entering the number.

3 – Back up your conversations from WhatsApp settings.

4 – Delete the original version of WhatsApp that you have installed!

5 – Now download and install the WhatsApp mode version from the bottom of this page.

6 – Run it and activate by entering the number.

7 – Enjoy the WhatsApp mode version !!!

Note that: WhatsMapp application is exactly like normal WhatsApp, but it has a Mods option in the menu, in which all the additional settings and whiskeys are hidden !!

Changes in version v1.6.0:

* Fixed various bugs and optimizations


Download WhatsMapp - unique WhatsApp Android - exclusive