Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera v1.0 – Camera app with whistle for Android!
The premium and complete version of the program worth $ 2.99 is presented to you, Farsroud regular companions

Users of Android smart devices capture different images of themselves with a camera every day. These can be selfies or group photos of you with your friends. One of the problems that usually causes images to be damaged is hand shake when touching the screen, which causes problems! One of the most important ways to solve this problem is to use Bluetooth remotes that are definitely not available to us everywhere, so it is better to look for a better way. Usroid website, with its experienced team, intends to introduce you to a unique software in this post. Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle CameraThe title is a security tool and whistle camera developed by Stupendous Games and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the above description, this software helps you to capture quality photos just by whistling without the need for any special hardware. Activate the camera, adjust it, and whistle to capture shake-free photos. There are several different features available to you dear ones, the most important of which is the built-in timer; This timer allows users to smile and make a special gesture after whistling so that the output file is never of poor quality. The power of voice recognition of the program is very high and will not cause any problems for users. Several various filters have been installed by the developer in this startup, the use of which increases the quality of images and gives a special charm to your photos. In addition to the main features of the program, which we mentioned briefly, a special feature is also available to you dear ones; With this feature, when your Android device is lost, all you have to do is whistle and wait for a special alarm to be activated with the maximum possible volume.

Some features and capabilities of Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera Android app:

  • Capture quality images with just a whistle
  • Find your Android smart device with just one whistle
  • A set of various filters to put on images
  • Internal timer to get the right gesture after whistling
  • Suitable and sufficient sensitivity of the program to have a reaction against the whistle
  • Autofocus after whistling and activating the arrow to suit the situation
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and image saturation
  • Simple and easy user interface compared to other similar tools

The Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera app has been released for free by its developer with $ 2.99 in-network payment, taking advantage of various features and capabilities. Now you can download the latest premium version of this software without any restrictions on access to features from the popular and rich content website of Usroid .


Whistle Phone Finder & Whistle Camera