Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? v1.9 – Who is Mr. Cooper’s adventure and storytelling game? For Android,
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Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? – Who is Mr. Cooper?The name of the first official game of The Last Fairy Tale studio in Ukraine in the adventure genre and a work of art in the style of Steampunk (a style of a combination of crime and science fiction genres). The game was officially released on Google Play in May 2019 for $ 1.46. Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? The main nature of which is based on a relatively criminal story, tells an interesting story of a horrific event and attempts to understand the reasons for it. The game takes place in a fictional industrial city called Staighrem during the Industrial Revolution. You are in the role of a person named Wilson Smith. A person who recently lost a close friend in a city bombing. Just before this person loses his life in this bombing, he asks you (the character of Wilson Smith) to find a person named Alexander Cooper and deliver a secret letter to him. The content of this letter is not known, but whatever it is, it was the cause of that person’s death. Now this secret letter has fallen into your hands and this time you are the next target of these attacks. Many criminals are looking for you and that letter, and they will kill anyone who has that letter. The main character of the game decides to find Mr. Cooper and give him the letter and find out what is happening and what is the reason for these incidents and crimes?


Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?


In Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?Help Mr. Smith uncover the criminal record by finding clues and evidence. For this purpose, you must follow the steps and missions of the game very carefully. You have to face different characters and do different things. The game design is well done and puts the player in the atmosphere of an industrial city in the 18th and 19th centuries. The important and main part of the gameplay is followed by the selection of options, which of course should be said that these choices will also be effective in the game adventure. During the game you will find many items that you can view in the list of items (Inventory) and use them when needed. Also in the game Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? There are various puzzles and riddles that you need different tools and devices to do some of them. During this game you will travel to different parts of the city of Staighrem and you will encounter many characters and adventures. Ultimately, it is your job to save the city of Staighrem from criminals and to prevent further killings. To do this, you have to find this mysterious character as soon as possible, Mr. Cooper, and put an end to this with his help! Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? With over 1000 downloads on Google Play and earnA score of 4.3 out of 5.0 is a fascinating adventure game. If you want to experience this beautiful game and understand the story of the game by completing its missions, you can now download the paid version of the game for free and tested from Usroid .

Changes in version v1.9:

* Added new mini-games and puzzles
* Optimize and apply more balance and stability
* Increase the number of random events and adventure stories during the game
* Solve some problems