Wi-Fi password manager v2.7.4 [Ad Free] – Android WiFi password management application,
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As we have mentioned many times, many smartphone users use Wi-Fi networks to connect to the Internet. The multiplicity of these networks sometimes causes us to forget the passwords of some of them and not be able to connect to them in different situations. In such cases, using a versatile app can be the best possible option. Wi-Fi password managerTitle is an application for password management of Android Wi-Fi network, published by the Russian team Android Tools (ru). Easily add and save all your favorite networks or share them with your friends in different situations. One of the most important features of this management tool is the ability to synchronize information with your other devices, which helps you have full access to all saved options at any place and time. If you want your friends to connect to the Wi-Fi network, create a qr barcode from its settings and share it to automatically connect to the desired network with just one scan.

Some features and capabilities of Wi-Fi password manager Android application:

  • Add, delete or send access points
  • Copy the password of the desired networks to the clipboard
  • Send data in text format including network name and password
  • Create QR barcodes from WiFi network settings
  • Find and display anonymous networks in the list
  • Fast connection to anonymous networks without password
  • Make a backup of all data

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Changes in version v2.7.4:

* Ability to edit added networks
* Fixed application problems


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